Friday, June 17, 2016

Chapter 3: Water Fight

Note: This story is written by a guest, my son Reuben, who is 9. (Click to read chapter 2.)

Reuben was driving his car wearing his alert watch that alerts him when something bad happens. Suddenly, his alarm went off! He stopped so fast that the person behind him almost crashed into him. Reuben looked at his watch. It said the police station is being attacked by a band of robbers. Reuben turned around and headed for the police station.

When he got to the police station he saw the jail was broken and empty. The police said the robbers escaped with the robber in the jail. Reuben went home and got a tracking device. He tracked the robbers. They were under water but the river was 20 miles away! He had some real catching up to do.

He went outside to his car. All of a sudden he heard a tornado warning. At the same time there was a hurricane warning. The tornado was coming from the north. The hurricane was coming from the south. East was a mountain range and west was the desert. The robbers were past the tornado because they had started before the tornado formed.

He transformed his car into an airplane. He tried to drive the airplane past the tornado. He started to get sucked in. He pushed on the controls with all his might. That got him out of the tornado. He saw the river up ahead. He carefully lowered his plane until it hit the river. Then he transformed his plane into a submarine.

He went underwater. There he saw five other submarines. He fired and exploded one submarine. He put the robber he caught in the jail in the back of the submarine. One of the robbers fired at Reuben's submarine. Reuben steered his submarine to the side. That made his submarine dodge the bullet. He shot two more submarines down and he put them with the other robber.

One of them tried crashing his submarine into Reuben's. Reuben steered his submarine to dodge the attack. The robber crashed into a rock. Reuben put him in jail with the others. But he didn't see the fifth one!

All of a sudden, his submarine exploded! The robber had snuck up behind him and shot a bullet. Reuben felt helpless, but all of sudden, he noticed something he hadn't before. His watch had a button that had an "E" on it. He pressed the button, then letters appeared, and his watch said, "What vehicle do you want?" He typed, "submarine." When he pressed that his watch turned into a submarine.

The robber was on land right now and heading for his car. But Reuben had other problems. He rescued the other robbers, put them in handcuffs, and then drove his submarine out of the water. He put the handcuffed robbers by a tree. Then he chased after the other robber.

He grabbed him and handcuffed him before he could get to his car. He handed over the five handcuffed robbers to the police. Reuben had saved the day! But barely...

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