Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chapter 2: The Robber Escapes

Note: This story is written by a guest, my son Reuben, who is 9. (Click to read chapter 1.)

Reuben was talking to the police at the police station. All of a sudden he heard the alarm ring and the jail was open. The robber was gone. Then they heard a shout. A man reported that the museum was being robbed. Reuben sped into action.

He hurried toward the museum to find people screaming and running out of the museum because the museum was on fire! Reuben couldn't believe his eyes—a fire for the second time! Luckily, he found a garden hose by the nearest house. He put out the fire but the robber was gone again.

He went home and got onto his computer. The robber was in a car heading out of town! He had to hurry to catch up with him. So he got in his car and hit the road with all of his speed. But there was traffic on the bridge. He didn't have time for traffic. So he drove right off the bridge! But he had a trick under his sleeve. He transformed his car into a submarine and he drove down the river. That gave him a big boost to catch up with the robber. He saw the robber ahead. He boofed the robber's car. It broke.

But the robber jumped out of the car window. The robber threw a bomb at Reuben's car. It exploded. Reuben jumped out of his car, grabbed the robber, and handcuffed him and called the police. They took him back to jail again. Once again Reuben was the hero of the day.

And that is the story of "the Robber Escapes."

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